2-Beam Sky Cannon Trailer

Our 2-Beam Sky Cannon Trailers were custom made for our customers in the Gaslamp Quarter; but, they have found significant use in many locations outside the downtown areas. These operate with a quiet Honda gasoline generator, with each HID bulb delivering 117 million candlepower, equivalent to 1.47 billion lumens, in a column 16" in diameter. Each beam's motion paints an oval in the sky in a direction we set, returning to vertical roughly every 7-8 seconds, and the differing rotation speeds causes a "chasing" effect in the sky. The human eye is drawn to this motion, and the vertical return helps the viewer identify the location of the event. These lights will create additional interest in your location, and are especially useful where the larger Sky Trackers are unsuitable.

Because of requests, we have begun allowing limited branding on these units. This will help your customers identify your unique brand in an already-crowded area. Each side of the unit can accept an advertising board 48" wide by 18" high; we use industrial-grade velcro to attach the boards in all weather conditions. There is no charge for adding your own custom signage--just let us know you'll have signs available and we'll take care of the rest. If you need signage created, we can provide a reference to one of our partners.