4-Beam Sky Tracker

Sky Trackers are world famous 4-Beam, self-contained, trailer mounted systems. These operate with a high-capacity diesel generator that can deliver 2kW of power to each Xenon bulb. Each of the four beams outputs 208 million candlepower, equivalent to 2.6 billion lumens, in a column 20" in diameter. The specific motion, called a cloverleaf pattern, is intentionally designed to draw the human eye towards the motion with the vertical collapse acting as a clear identifier of the location of your event. This maximizes the impact to your potential audience. We often see a continual stream of vehicles stopping by to get a closer look at the lights even in very remote areas; your potential customers are literally drawn to your doorstep.

In our fleet, we have two styles of Sky Tracker available. In the night sky, both provide the same effect in terms of motion and light output. Our older units are smaller in terms of total footprint, and easily fit within a compact car parking space. Our newer units have a more modern design and operate slightly quieter, but at the cost of being significantly wider and requiring a full parking space (sometimes two). In most cases, we recommend these units be placed near the entrance to your parking lot and not directly next to your front door.

For specialty applications, such as major productions or even Hollywood filming, our Sky Trackers can operate using power from your generator or electrical hookups. This allows the unit to operate virtually silently and without any diesel exhaust. If you need this, please contact us and we'll need to discuss the details such as connectors, voltage, and amperage.