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Before You Book...

  • Your submission is used to place a temporary hold on our internal booking calendar. It does not contractually obligate you to anything. We'll contact you later with a formal quote for your review and approval.
  • Check the Sunset Schedule for the day(s) you're interested in renting. Our Searchlights show best after the 'dark' time; however, the weather can sometimes help the lights show up better earlier in the evening.
  • Even if you plan on calling us for an urgent request or to work out the exact details, completing this form will help speed up the order process as we'll make sure to get the spelling and other details correct on the formal quote.
  • Keep in mind that we'll require a legal parking space for 4-Beam and 2-Beam trailers, and you'll be responsible for reserving it as necessary. Single-Beam Sky Cannons can be placed on sidewalks, so long as they do not encroach on the pedestrian easement required by the city fire marshal.

Rental Booking Form

Customer and Billing Information
We need this basic data about you, so that we can create a rental contract.
This is your name, or the business name.
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This is the person we'll contact to discuss the quote and who will sign the rental agreement.
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This is where we will send the quote and invoice (if requested).
Rental Information
This is information about your Searchlight rental.
This is the day we will deliver your Searchlight(s).
Will you require Searchlights for more than a single night? Multi-day discounts do exist.
This is the day we will pickup your Searchlight(s).
This is the time when the lights will be turned on.
Our standard rentals are for 3 hours. Additional hours are at a reduced rate.
Please tell us where the Searchlights are to be placed. Use an address, plus any additional helpful descriptors (i.e., we will reserve a parking space for you on the street).
This is the person we will contact once we are near the location, or once we are on-site.
This is the phone number our personnel will call when we are delivering your Searchlights.
Let us know which of our options you are looking to rent. It's okay if you're not sure; we can change this later. This field is entirely optional, too, so if you leave it blank we'll contact you and discuss the event. We're here to help make your event special, so we'll be happy to provide recommendations.
Total number of Searchlights you are looking to rent. This number isn't binding, so don't worry if you aren't sure or if you want us to contact you to discuss your options.
Use this space to provide us with any information not covered elsewhere. We will contact you to work out the details (if needed).