Individual Sky Cannons

Our individual Sky Cannon are ideal for when customization is paramount. Each unit runs off standard mains electricity at 120V / 60Hz, with a dedicated 10A circuit and are very quiet. The HID bulbs deliver 117 million candlepower, equivalent to 1.47 billion lumens, in a column 16" in diameter. Each beam's motion paints an oval in the sky in a direction we set, returning to vertical roughly every 7-8 seconds, and the differing rotation speeds causes a "chasing" or "clapping" effect in the sky. The human eye is drawn to this motion, and the vertical return helps the viewer identify the location of the event. These lights will create an effect perfect for red carpet or Hollywood-style events, no matter the location.

In situations where outlets are not readily available, we utilize an ultra-quiet Honda generator that your guests won't likely notice and we can often hide it completely out of sight.