Most Searchlight operators have only one or two Sky Trackers in inventory. In these cases, it doesn't make sense to maintain a stock room with repair parts, so we provide access to our stock room for our peers. We don't provide this service to make profit; rather, we simply want to maintain a healthy market of Searchlights throughout the USA. We have significant experience in making repairs, so feel free to contact us if you have a unit that requires expert repair.

Prices below do not include shipping and handling. Please call us at 619-442-9700 to receive a quote and place your order.


Sky Tracker Repair Parts for Sale

High Quality Flex Hose - $8 per linear foot

This is high quality flex hose that goes from the Sky Tracker blast house to the head. Black rubber with steel helix.


Straps - $75 each

These are custom-made straps that are better than the originals that come with the Sky Tracker unit. We use these on all our units, and never transport without them.


Fiberglass Head Covers (White, Without Glass) - $230 each

We have these manufactured, and find them to be more durable than the original Sky Tracker versions. Other colors are available via special order. These are shipped without the glass, as it's cheaper to purchase from your local glaser.


Sky Cannon Repair Parts for Sale

Sky Cannon SC-180-600 Lamp - $600

Sky Cannon SC-180-850 Lamp - $650