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Locally Owned Lowest Rates Established 1981

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Searchlights of San Diego


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  •  The newer type of searchlights are more like a Hollywood "Kleig" light than the older carbon arch true searchlights.

  • The newer advertising type uses a bulb and ballast technology & have a fixed shaft that does not rotate to less than 45 degrees from vertical.

  • This is the more desired configuration per the Operations Officers of the FAA in the southern California region.

  • Generally, the advertising type searchlights used today do not pose a problem for pilots.

  • Event lights bring the highest visibility to your event. They make the event have that over the top special feel.

  •  We have added additional "Sky Tracker" trailer mounted self contained searchlight units to our fleet in 2003, 2007 and again in 2010.

  •  We have just completed our second  "Dual Beam Rotating Searchlight" unit.  It is designed with the Gaslamp Quarter in mind. It features two beams that rotate with directional capabilities so specific downtown structures can be avoided. The generator is a new Ultra quiet that has a noise level of 53 decibels so your neighbors won't be disturbed. This unit can now project GOBO's on your building front.  Bring the excitement of lighting effects  to the entrance of your event.  We can project company logo's, stars, hearts and many other images while doing two directional rotating searchlights from a parking spot directly outside the building entrance.

  •  We are the only searchlight company in Southern California to offer the new "Single Rotating Searchlight" 110A/C unit rotating quiet searchlights.

  •  Having this variety in searchlights gives our clients a wider choice so that event requests are met properly and any size event can now afford attention getting searchlights.

  •  Even the smaller single 110A/C units have been used by car dealers, high schools, community theater, night clubs, realtors, apartment rental offices, and community street events.




All of our advertising searchlight units rotate in a pattern with a fixed 45 degree off the horizon to vertical. This rotational pattern is the most desirable by the FAA in the San Diego area.


Note: An adjustable head rotation that can go to a less than 45 degree to the horizon is not a recommended searchlight per the FAA.


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